Tumbler Ice Challenge 2016

Tumbler Ice Challenge 2016

Are you one of those “name brand only” people? That’s okay. We know how important quality is to you. But we also know how awesome it is to get a great deal! We don’t want you to have to sacrifice quality for the sake of your pocketbook this season.

THAT’S WHY WE ARE RUNNING AN EXPERIMENT!! The YETI, the RTIC, and the BOSS go head to head in an all out ice battle.

Who will come out on top?!


After 18 Hours

So far today everything looks pretty tied up. We can’t wait to see how this epic battle turns out!!

Tumbler Ice Challenge - After 30 Hours

Tumbler Ice Challenge – After 18 Hours


After 24 Hours

Ice is nice!! Even after MORE THAN 24 hours!! We have a tie between the RTIC and the YETI. The BOSS came in at a very close second. So whether you’re still a loyal YETI fan or looking to snag a deal with the various colors of RTICs we carry, we’ve got you covered friends.



And the Winner is…

Well folks, it has been a long, grueling 45 hours. We’ve laughed, we cried, and we officially have a winner. It is Crown Trophy of Lewisville’s pleasure to announce the RTIC as the all reigning ice keeping champ!!!!!

Tumbler Ice Challenge